Custom Design


We can master projects of all shapes and sizes.



We are a full team of designer engineers with 20 years of experience.



If the finish is not right, the project is not finished!

Delivery & Install


Hitting the project timeline and providing the materials needed for installation is crucial!

T-Square Services


Custom Design

The cornerstone of any custom woodworking project is established by the design team. Using a combination of current software tools and hand tailored design implements provides the best of both worlds – technology and craftsmanship.

The shape, size and detail for all design components are driven by face to face meetings with T Square designers. Nothing can match the joy of a client encountering their new space, filled with the product of the T Square team hours of diligent work. Transforming a functional space from simple square feet to a place our clients enjoy, priceless. The end game, a reveal of the newly installed woodwork, is driven by our design team listening to our clients desires.


Establishing expectations, in the beginning of a project, can be a high hurdle. Matching types of wood, ordering the right pieces for the project, staying on budget and timeline – tried and proven engineering strategies address these needs throughout the project.

Though crucial to the success of every job, the engineering component of every T Square project is largely transparent to our clients and building partners. A hands on approach is used at every stage, we welcome feedback and suggestions, providing an open door policy.


T Square, a family owned and operated business, keeps its people. “Measure twice, cut once”, an old adage in the woodworking world, is embodied by every T Square team member. Randy Turbin, founder and leader of T Square, enforces his attention to detail with every piece of wood that passes through our shop.

Larger companies may push more wood through their saws, handle more gallons of glaze and paint, and have larger teams – but they are challenged to approach the level of craftsmanship provided by T Square Woodworking. The result of our work will be scrutinized by every guest in your home or office. Excellence is the only acceptable product, as per Randy’s orders.


The finest millwork may be diminished by a slight miss in color or tone matching. Ensuring that each piece of wood matches and flows with its adjoining piece, as per the project specifications, cannot be understated. If the finish or stain is not right, the project is not finished.

Working with design and project teams, reviewing color samples and existing color schemes, as established during the design phase – sets the expectations for stain and finish match – throughout the project. Client review, during the project of sample stains and paint, is encouraged. If it does not match, it is not right.

Delivery & Installation

“Do No Harm” – a simple goal. Sadly, many projects are besmirched with shoddy installation and delivery. Hitting the project timeline – providing materials for installation in sync with other project components – is crucial. T Square works with many sizes, shapes, and types of projects. Working in harmony with other companies and contractors, is always the goal.

Whether our products are installed by our team members or partners/contractors, T Square will provide as much assistance as needed, ensuring our high quality products are placed with safety and professionalism. The best cabinet, hung badly, is found lacking.

Project Management

New home build, corporate offices, remodeling – all projects are made up of many players. Taking into account the needs, strengths, and weaknesses of the project team is crucial. After many projects, over many years, the T Square approach is simple – the customer deserves the best!

Finger pointing and laying blame is unacceptable. This approach sometimes leads to T Square helping or working with a direct competitor. Rising above different approaches and working toward a common goal of excellence is always best.

Customer Service

“Everything you know is easy”. It is the goal of our front line staff to speak to our clients in terms and language they understand. You, the customer, know what you want – it is our job to exceed your expectations. As with our woodworking professionals our front office is staffed with knowledgeable and experienced people that care about your project – even the little stuff.

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